IT is an integral part of every organization, it is but natural that individual working in such organization would be employing IT tools in business process and fill the need of being well versed with such tools that would result in better productivity. Swift Advance Excel is a course under the office productivity curriculum which will enable the learner to appreciate and used the advance features available with Microsoft Excel. Participants will be able to apply visual elements and advanced formulas to an excel worksheet and display data in various formats.

Pre Requisites:-

This course is designed for the candidates who have the basic working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and are proficient in working with contents of MS Office Excel level 1 as outlined below.

  1. Working with an excel worksheet
  2. Modifying a work sheet
  3. Performing basic calculations
  4. Formatting a worksheet
  5. Developing a workbook
  6. Printing workbook contents
  7. Presenting data using chart

Course Contents:-

This course enables the learner to use Microsoft Office Excel 2013 analysis and calculated complex data using tools like..

  1. Pivot tables
  2. Organizing and presenting data using chart and graphics
  3. Automate some common tasks
  4. Some advanced formulas (financial functions)
  5. Advance analysis techniques (scenario manager, goal seek tool)
  6. Complex data sets (using pivot table chart with graphs)
  7. Collaborate on worksheet with other
  8. Sharing excel data with other applications
Student will be able to extend their knowledge on Microsoft Office Excel and use it to be more productive and efficient at their work place.

Exit Profile:-

After completing this course, student will be able to apply advanced features of Microsoft office Excel 2013 and get benefit at their work place by increasing productivity and efficiency.