• 7 term program in software engineering aligned to university semester curriculum.

  • 3 month Digital Transformation Specialization Term + 6 month Professional Practice.

  • 1000+ Organizations as recruiters.

  • Experienced IT Professionals as Faculty.

  • 1 year of Professional Practice.

Software engineering has expanded into numerous fields; the most exciting and promising are cloud and mobile computing. GNIIT in Cloud and Mobile Software Engineering is a three year program which offers you in depth classroom training followed by one year of Professional Practice to gain real world professional skills. The program makes you proficient in the essentials of developing different types of applications i.e. Desktop, web and mobile with Java.

Students can also opt for a 3 month Digital Transformation Specialization at the end of the 7th Term to further enhance their skills followed with 6 months of Professional Practice. Digital transformation is the process of shifting from traditional approach to new ways of working and thinking using digital, social, mobile and emerging technologies. Digital transformation is going to drive the next phase of growth in IT Industry. It is appropriate to conclude that DT is the new IT.

Entry-level and experienced workforce skilled on Digital Transformation technologies are attracting 50% - 60% more salaries than traditional IT skills. In times to come, the best of the IT jobs would be centered around digital transformation specialization.

Some of the courses that will be launched for the student under the Digital Transformation include:

  • Enterprise Java Stack with DevOps
  • Big Data and Data Sciences
  • MEAN Stack
  • Cloud Stack
  • Internet of Things (IOT)
  • Robotics
  • Virtual Reality

There are three exit profiles for students who attain various complete various stages of learning with the GNIIT program

  • Mobile App Developer
  • Enterprise App Developer
  • Cloud App Developer
GNIIT Curriculum

At the end of the Program a student will have one of the two titles basis their qualification:

  • GNIIT – Digital Transformation


Shashank Gupta
Gurpreet Arora
Nisha Dwivedi
Karan Khinder
Mohit Sharma
Varsha Goel
Madhur Chaudhary
Anshul Arora
Mohammad Javed Akhtar